Film/Game/Podcast Composer

Robert studied screenwriting, directing, and editing at Chapman University before fulfilling his childhood dream of composing music for the movies. His credits span many genres and mediums in over sixty projects, resulting in a variety of international awards for his music, including nominations from the Hollywood Media in Music Awards and the College Television Emmy Awards. He can usually be found in his studio, practicing the ocarina and working on his latest project.

Artwork by Blake Garnsey

There are a lot of talented composers out there, but Robert Mai stands above them all because he has such incredible talent PLUS the punctuality, speed, flexibility, dedication, positive attitude, and personability that makes working with him the breeziest part of your film-making process. It means the world to know that he’s not going to give up on me until he makes something we both love. Honestly, the only part of making a movie that isn’t stressful is sitting down with Robert at his keyboard.
-Kaylin George, director
"Robert was a fantastic composer to work with. From his ability to navigate ever changing deadlines and budget priorities to his skill at orchestrating, I know we made the right decision for our movie. If you want someone smart, hard-working and patient, you're looking in the right direction."
-Michael Wolfe, director
"Robert Mai is not only a talent that will elevate your project to the next level with his incredibly emotional composing, he’s also a pleasure to work with and a true collaborator."
-Paulina Lagudi, director
"Robert composed a beautiful score for my film, Dream Catcher. His ear for the nuance of tone coupled with his ability to evoke a feeling through composition is truly a gift; and a blessing to any project he composes music for."
Avey Rouda, director
"Robert is an amazing and creative composer that is able to take the music and bring the movie alive in a way that draws the audience into that world. He is also extremely easy to communicate with allowing the work to come to the best that it can be. His friendly persona and passion for music makes him one of the best composers out there. I would work with him anytime!"
-Victoria Vittoria, producer
"Robert was an incredible artist to work with, consistently producing creative music that fit the tone we were going for, and extremely receptive to feedback!"
Salaar Kohari, game developer
"Robert's a true collaborator. Absolutely cannot wait to work with him again."
Brenten Brandenburg, director
"He has a wonderful, fine-tuned ear; a surprisingly vast knowledge of music history, vocals and instrumentation; and an ability to interpret what the director and story are trying to communicate. Plus, he's a joy to work with. Carry on, Mr. Mai."
-Valerie Dalena, producer
"Robert was a great fit with our team, he's got this energy level and positive attitude that matches my own crazy excitement perfectly!"
-Christian Lovdal, game developer

"I was astounded by Robert's creativity and his ability to think outside the box. He was able to create a score with an entirely unique texture that brought out a new side of the film that wouldn't have existed without it."

-Keeshav Srinivasan, director

"Robert is a pleasure to work with. He was one of the kindest, most flexible and easygoing members of our post-production team. He did everything possible to work within our budget and deliver top tier results."
Lily Yasuda, producer
"Robert's talent for composing is only matched by his passion for the projects he works on. He made collaboration so easy by being receptive to my notes while also going above and beyond my expectations."
Scarlett Turner, director
"I love working with Robert. He has a great attitude and is always in a good mood. He is easy to collaborate with."
-Ada Gorn, director


  • Nominated for Best Music- Animated Short Film at the Hollywood Media in Music Awards (Embarko)

  • Nominated for Best Music Composition at the College Emmy/Television Awards (For Old Times Sake)

  • Nominated for Best Original Song at the Jerry Goldsmith Awards (Mail Order Monster)

  • Nominated for Best Original Score at the Indie Short Fest (Paraiso)

  • Won Best  Original Score at the Southern Shorts Awards (A Midwestern Meth FairyTale)

  • Won Best Composer at the 6th Delhi Shorts International Film Festival (A Midwestern Meth FairyTale)

  • Won the Award of Excellence for Original Score at The IndieFest Film Awards (A Midwestern Meth FairyTale)

  • Nominated for Best Original Score at the Marietta International Film Festival (A Midwestern Meth FairyTale)

  • Won Original Score of the Month at The Monthly Film Festival Awards (Intrepid)

  • Won Best Original Score at the Los Angeles International Film Festival Awards (Intrepid)

  • Won Best Original Score at the Los Angeles Film Awards (Intrepid)

  • Won the Gold Laurel Award for Best Original Score from the LA Shorts Awards (The Grim Reaper’s Daughter)

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